Westbrook and Jazz fans exchange words

Westbrook and Jazz fans exchange words

Jack Rigby

On Monday night it was no ordinary Jazz game. The Oklahoma City Thunder beat the Jazz 98 to 89, but Russel Westbrook and a Jazz fan exchanged a lot of words. The Jazz fan was given a life time ban from Vivint Smart Arena for his actions. Russel also received a $25,000 fine for using profanity and threatening a fan.

“A young man and his wife told me to ‘get on my knees like you used to.’ And for me, that’s completely disrespectful to me. I think its racial. I think its inappropriate in the sense of there’s no protection for the players.” States Westbrook.

“Russel told me ‘i’ll f–k you up. You and your wife.’ So I told him to sit back down and ice his knees, bro.” said the Jazz fan.

I was at the game on Monday and it was very weird and awkward. Everyone was talking to him and he must have had something against that fan because there was a lot worse things being said about him. I think Russel shouldn’t have been punished and neither should the fan.