Negative side to High School sports

Negative side to High School sports

Ashton Weber

At most, if not all high schools around the country, there are sports teams. These sports teams consist of the best of the best athletes from the school. During the off season of competition sports is usually when high school sports take place, and the season usually lasts around 3 months. Though, not playing on a team during this time may not be the best for everyone it may just be best for you.

Depending on the coach and the teammates you’re surrounded by, your high school sports experience could make for some of the funnest times, or even some of the most physically and emotionally grueling times of your high school experience. More often than not the coaches for high school sports teams will be there for a while, meaning, a coach you don’t like may be there for your entire high school life.

The whole high school sports experience gives more reasons not to play than reasons to play, outside of the coaching. These are just to name a few.

High school referees are typically not there because they are looking to make an extra buck rather than actually caring about what they’re doing. This results in poor officiating and changing the outcomes of big games. In addition, those that are over refereeing will not take any action against the officials that may have changed game outcomes.

The ego that comes with high school sports as well is tremendous, when the dressing up for high school sports occurs it brings out a different side of most; one that wouldn’t be seen otherwise; a huge reason the term “jock” came to be.

Last of the few reasons named is the political side of high school sports. There is no question that there’s a political side. There are occurrences where kids who may not belong on the team make it because of who there parents are or who there siblings may be, sometimes even who their club coach may be. There is a political side regardless, and this takes a big toll on team performance as well as the social experience that occurs with high school sports.