Mike Crookston: The new director of the DHS Band


Carmen Pectol

One of the newest teachers at the school, and a previous student at Davis High School, is Mr. Crookston. He has taken over the position of band director, after Mr. Hendricks retired. Mr. Crookston has helped the band accomplish previously unattainable goals and made sure they are held at a standard of excellence.

Mr. Crookston has shared that one of his main factors when teaching band students is that he takes great pride in the performance of his students and wants to do whats best for them and for the school.

“I love the students in the band program and care much more about the lessons they learn when making music together than about the actual music itself.” 

This school year is Crookston’s first year as a band director at Davis High school. One of the things that he integrates into the band is a “culture of kindness”. What this means is that every student is expected to treat one another with respect and understanding, rather than competition and rivalry. The goal is to try and erase the stigmas surrounding different sections and remind the students that every part of the band is as critically important as the next. He hopes that this behavior and standard will continue to be taught and upheld for years to come in the Davis High band.