A chocolate milk for every occasion

A chocolate milk for every occasion

Alexandra Smith

Have ever craved the perfect combination of chocolate and milk? The perfect amount of richness and the perfect amount of creaminess? There are many brands of chocolate milk but they’re not all the same. Some brands of chocolate milk are far superior than others. There are three levels of chocolate milk; there’s the disappointment chocolate milk, the middle ground chocolate milk and the best chocolate milk. All three types can be found at local grocery stores and purchased for a reasonable price.

The disappointment chocolate milk is Trumoo. I’m sure there are people that would disagree with me on this but the fact is that Trumoo is just not that good. Sure it’s easy to find because they flood the grocery stores with their product but Trumoo replaced the chocolate milk that was sold at school lunches and that chocolate milk was much better. Trumoo is not very creamy and has a bland flavor. Compared to other chocolate milks Trumoo just doesn’t have a strong flavor and when I buy chocolate milk that means I want chocolate milk not pond water with an expired Hershey’s bar in the middle. Trumoo can be good if its the only option you have but it simply should never be a “go to”.

The middle ground chocolate milk is Nesquik. When I say Nesquik I don’t mean the kind you get in the bottle I mean the powder. The Nesquik powder is a great everyday chocolate milk. You can add the perfect amount of powder depending on your mood. It has the perfect flavor for just a casual cup of chocolate milk. Its not the best chocolate milk but it’s just a good average chocolate milk that you won’t get tired of.

The best chocolate milk is Darigold. Darigold has the perfect amount of creaminess and the perfect flavor. This chocolate milk is the best and when you see it at the store I highly recommend you buy this one. It is the perfect amount of chocolate in the milk with the most perfected punch of flavor. This is the special occasion chocolate milk that you drink after you just got off the plane after getting first place bobsledding at the 2014 Olympics. Just looking at the color of Darigold you can tell it’s the best it has the perfect rich chocolate flavor that really makes you want chocolate milk.

Not all chocolate milk tastes exactly the same. It’s good to have a guide as to what the best chocolate milks are and the perfect occasions to drink them. Not all chocolate milk has the perfect taste for every occasion. The three tiers of chocolate milk is very important in a chocolate milk connoisseur’s life. I hope this helps you with all of your chocolate milk adventures.