Spring Play Review: Be glad that you took with you!


The Sycamore Family brought a lot of laughs to Davis High on the past week (March 8-13). The characters were interpreted as a family on the 1930’s by the advanced theater students. With Mr. Wright as the director of the play, the show seemed to entertain lot of the students that were able to go. Classified as a comedy play, it didn’t only attract students but teachers and parents (on the day I watched I made sure my parents would go on the next day because it was really good and worth it). We also need to consider the ward work of the Crew, that made it possible so the effects were pretty convincing and the scenario was good. Each one of the characters that belonged to the family or not was able to be very understood by the audience, we could see all of their characteristics.

“The play was really funny, the cast did a good job on keeping people on the same set and I did not get boring at all, in fact that it became interesting. Actors like Tyler McQuiston  made me laugh a lot. We should really be grateful for those kids talents an their hard work so we can have activities like that in the school”, said Charity Maynes, a eleventh grader at Davis.