Have Past Artists Influenced Modern Music?

Have Past Artists Influenced Modern Music?

Max Isaacson

Every few years artists find new ways to coax fans into their music, leading a revolution of change in the music industry. An industry that will go to the depths of someones mind, and haunt the artists that find those catchy sounds and trends. Leading them to decide whether or not they want to descend the down whirl spiral of fame.

We live in an age where the theme of trans-realism has seeped within modern day arts and utilized by experienced and upcoming music artists. Trans-realism is the movement in where people want to escape reality due to abnormally high depression rates, arts use science fiction and fantastical elements to give a feelings of beings lost within an alternate reality. Which means anything from drug use to burring your face into a self phone could be considered as such.

Artists who have become popular over the years all have something in common. Artists that stick out, tend to travel lands untouched by the music industry. They develop a controversial image by talking about taboo topics and unearthing the uncomfortable. As well as drawing the listener into an alternate reality using those unique sounds and tones. These sounds and tones are not always from the norm’ but is what keeps you coming back for more.

Each decade has had artists follow this criteria. Leading the psychedelic movement in the 60’s was The Grateful Dead. This group sang popular songs like “Box of Rain”, “Friend of the Devil”, “Uncle Johns Bands’, and “Touch of Grey”. Although the sounds within the songs were recognized by most, songs like “Fire On the Mountain”, “Dark Star”, and “Unbroken Chain” gave fans a taste of what music could be. While being consumed by the chimes from”Unbroken Chain”, surrounded by products of Woodstock 69, and an agent from the psychedelic world gave people the ability to fully travel into that different reality.

Following the 70’s came bands like The Doors and Pink Floyd. Each explored their own sounds and men like Jim Moresen found that the strange shouldn’t always be shunned. As The Doors whaled on the organ creating songs like “The End” and “People of Strange” it gave an eerie feeling of the shadows of society. However Pink Floyd used sounds of the world in songs like “Breathe (Air)” and “Money”. The whirls of wind added into the back ground and the clanking of money and cash registers allowed fans to relate to their music, to their modern lives.

As the 80’s were coming to the end, rock, pop, and white pants were just not cutting it for some and a new form of music had begun to pry its way into musical culture. Without knowing it, the rap group N.W.A changed musical culture forever. Songs like “Straight Outta Compton”, exposed the dark truth of growing up in Compton and places like it. As many listened in dis-belief, the harsh language and bluntness used in their music angered many. For most  were not ready to accept the controversy of the outside world.

Generations passed and the world became more accustom as generations pass. Legends like Curt Cobain and the rest of Nirvana came out with songs like “Smells Like Teen Spirit” that went along the lines of teenage life. Discussing teenage years during the grunge age. Artists like Kid Cudi dug deep into their self conscious to give us beats from another world. A great example is Travis Scott. His brand new album, “Astroworld” allows you to take a ride in a torn down amusement park in Texas.

Music has changed throughout the years but in some ways has stayed the same. The beauty of the matter, is music can take you away from reality. You can get lost within distant memories tied to the artists music and find clarity in the world we live in.