Davis High’s got talent


Shelby White, Journalist

On March 20, 2019 Davis High presented our yearly talent show. There were nine amazing performances, all diverse and saturated with immense talent. So lets take a look at these astounding performers.

The first act of the day displayed the amazing drumming skills of Ambree and Ellison. The second they stepped on the stage with their snare drums, they brought a whole new element to the auditorium. Their performance was upbeat, lively, and lots of fun. Not only did they bring the audience joy, but they themselves were radiating with joviality.

The next act was presented by Hyrum Frank. There is no mistake that he has the vocal chords of a professional singer. His performance of “Stone Cold” by Demi Lovato filled the audience with astonishment. He accompanied his vocal presentation with the acoustic guitar and mesmerized the audience with his skills.

Mary Oldem then performed a beautiful piano piece that displayed her perplexing skills. As her fingers flew across the keys, the audience watched in bewilderment of the majestic melody she bestowed.

If you didn’t recognize Asher Layton before, you definitely will now. After his vocal and guitar performance, Davis High fell in love with him and his talent.

The amazing “Skater Boi” act thrilled the audience as Tayden Webb started dancing and doing jumps and flips with roller skates on. Obviously skilled in his department, Webb took advantage of the surprise of the audience and kept giving them more stunts and dance moves.

Isabel Rogers stepped on stage and captured the attention of the auditorium with her song about love and relationships.

Anni Goebel then performed a beautiful piano piece she composed herself.

A freestyle dance routine was then performed by Mya Roundy. She wowed the audience with her incredible moves and flexibility. Her dance moves were astounding and displayed her talent impressively.

Last but definitively not least was Nick Leifson. His performance of bow staff spinning was incredible and amazed the audience. His use of the LED lights on his staff in the darkness hypnotized the audience and left them all speechless.

This year’s talent show was absolutely outstanding and everyone did an amazing job. Davis High is filled with so many talented students. If you want to be in next years talent show, start practicing your talent now and maybe you’ll be the one on the stage!