Color guard: one of the best in state


Alexandra Smith

State color guard competition just happened on Saturday, the 2nd of April. They had a successful tournament and got 4th place. The performance went great and they’re very happy with how they did.

The color guard team was at the competition all day. At the competitions, the team watch other teams until they perform later that night. The teams are divided into divisions of skill level. Davis color guard is one of the more advanced teams that were at the competition, which perform later at night. To prepare before they went on stage, they warmed up and got into costume.

They worked really hard for state this year. The team had practice every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday for the past few weeks, working on getting the routine uniform and clean. The routine they did is called “We Believe”. It’s about a girl that is lonely, and throughout the routine she makes friends. The team uses different types of equipment in the routine, like flags, sabers and rifles. The team is proud of how they did even though they had a smaller team compared to other years.

Color guard is an under appreciated sport that is a mix of theater and physical activity. The people on the teams work really hard to be able to use different pieces of equipment. A lot of the girls that are on the team now have been on the team for years even before high school. The color guard team should be supported more especially after their impressive win.