Student Spotlight: Margaret Brown, mountain biking machine!


Margaret Brown is a talented mountain biking senior here at Davis High. Her hobbies include mountain biking, journalism, skiing, enjoying the outdoors, and playing with her dogs Hazel and Scarlett.

During the mountain biking season she spends a large amount of time on the trails, she stated she rides 6 days a week when the weather allows it.

Currently Margaret’s dad, Gardner, is the Mountain biking club’s coach. Her favorite places to go mountain biking are Moab, Sun Valley, Deer Valley, and Saint George. Margaret and her team travel all around the state visiting many cool trails to compete at.

Margaret has a passion for mountain biking. She says,

“It is a really amazing sport that allows me to be outside and see more of the world. More girls should join the team! The sport is growing and is always in need of girls!”

Davis Highs Mountain Bike Club has been around for about 6 years. The first team was made up of barely 10 students. Now, there are 50 plus students and is growing rapidly every year. Utah Cycling League is also growing and has almost 3,000 racers at each venue.

Davis High has done very well at state the past two years. The 2018 year season, Davis got 3rd in the state. That is an amazing accomplishment for this growing sport.

Margaret Brown is an awesome person and a great friend to everyone and if you have not met her before, I recommend that you do!