Track and Field: “The Throwers”


When people think of “Track and Field”, the first thing they think of is people running around the track. The commonly overlooked part of Track and Field is the Throwers. The Throwers can often be seen next to the south-end parking lot working hard to perfect their craft. There are multiple types of throwing that are done at the high school level, among those are Javelin, Shot Put, and Discus. It is a sport that is unlike most common sports, but it is exciting and impressive to watch these athletes compete against other students from other schools.

When asked about his favorite aspect of throwing, Jake Asplund, Shot Put/Discus thrower, answered, “When you enter the ring its you vs yourself. Its like our sanctuary, all thoughts are cleared and the only thing that matters is throwing.”

Andrew Ford is new to the Javelin and explains, ” I played Baseball and Football growing up so the motion is something I’m familiar with, but it can be awkward learning how to throw the Javelin because you have to extend your arm fully behind you and extend over your head. The hardest thing for me to learn was the timing.”

Throwing is often the most overlooked and underrated part of track and field. Go out to the meets and support the throwers!