Davis theater productions set the stage for success


Carmen Pectol

Every year in the spring, the theater competes in a regional competition featuring two sets of performances. They face schools across northern Utah, including schools in the Davis school district.

The performances they compete with are divided into two categories: musical theater and individual acts.

So far, Davis high has undoubtedly prevailed over the rest of their competitors, taking first in musical theater and third in one acts. Their performances will move onto state where they will compete with schools across all of Utah for a chance at first place next month.

Since there are two different categories for performing, there is a lot of room for diversity and creativity that can be incorporated into the performances they bring to these theater competitions. The most popular section is musical theater, while one acts are more favored for the competitive side rather than the festive, musical theater productions side.

Members that are involved in the one act and musical theater plays have explained that when competing, it is very stressful and very rewarding.

Emma Beardall, a stage crew manager for one acts, says “I think it contributes to the culture, Davis obviously has a lot of academic excellence… and you know its fitting that our theater is the same.”

Whether you are a part of the theater productions or have only seen one of their plays, there is no doubt the Davis High theater productions are arguably one of the funnest parts of the culture of Davis High School.