Experience the golden age of music at moonlight serenade


Carmen Pectol

For years, the highlight of Davis High fine arts programs has been the Moonlight Serenade. Delicious food and a night of fun produce the experience of a lifetime, and can be enjoyed by people from all over. Ageless music combines with dazzling performances to create the Moonlight Serenade.

The moonlight serenade has been hosted by the fine arts companies at Davis High for several years, preparing the music and ensemble performances half a year in advance.

While dinner is being served, the jazz band and moonlight singers perform several different songs from the 20’s, 30’s and 40’s. A custom drink bar and dance floor are offered for guests who buy a seat at the event.

Tickets for Moonlight are $30, and it includes a seat, fancy dinner/drinks, fine arts performances, and a chance to dance on the dance floor. However, separate tickets are sold for $5 to enjoy the music and dance floor alone.

Many people enjoy Moonlight Serenade over prom, because of the gourmet food and live music. City residents and Davis high students agree that this annual event is a must for couples and groups.

This night is a classical event that is known by cities all around Davis School District. It is a chance to enjoy exceptional music and gourmet food while taking a look into the golden age of music.