How Greek philosophy helped build American government

How Greek philosophy helped build American government

If you look at all the aspects that helped our founding fathers build the structure of America, the leading one would be Greek philosophy. From teachings of Aristotle and Plato, their words helped inspire the best government to ever exist. The American government as we know it would not exist as we know it without these brilliant men.

The ancient Greek teachers believed that everything had virtue. They taught that a horse being virtuous is pulling a cart, or a boating having virtue is sailing. They believe every person, animal, or object had value to become something more important.

In Greek philosophy, Telos means the value of an object lies in its capacity to achieve the purpose for which it was designed. So Telos for stone can become brick or a statue. Telos for water can be keeping living things alive or to help crops to grow. This helped lead to more scientific production for the Greeks, and later on, the Americans. With Americans finding the natural Telos, it helped them find gasoline can fuel vehicles, or silicon can be made into digital electronics.

Going along with Telos, Logos in Greek means man’s mind mirrored that force to the extent that man can uncover the world’s purposes. This helps give man purpose to go out and discover the world’s many secrets and later to make scientific advancements that helped America become the super power it is now.

Greek philosopher Boethius started the liberal arts and split them into 2 different categories. Quadrivium is music, arithmetic, geometry, and astronomy. The other section of the early liberal arts was Trivium, which was divided into grammar, rhetoric, and logic. With starting these liberal arts, it provided the pathway to the culture in the Americas.

In 510 BC a philosopher in Greece named Cleisthenes brought up the idea of democracy. After that the idea caught on and helped create the best governments ever to exist.

Greek philosophy helped in countless ways to provide the steps to making the American government. These philosophers were brilliant people who inspired millions and helped create the best government in the world.