Trace Dunn


Will Ferrin

Trace Dunn is widely known for his three years as a starter on the Davis High Football team; he was given All-Region honors as an Offensive Lineman. Trace is Originally from Fort Myers, Florida, but moved to Farmington right before the start of his Sophomore year. Football has been a major aspect of Trace’s life for as long as he can remember, “Football has taught me how to deal with any type of problem. I’ve also learned how to enjoy the good times, but love the hard times even more knowing that I can improve from them.” Trace suffered through multiple shoulder dislocations in his senior season, but managed to never miss a game in his three years as a varsity starter. Football has been a big part of Traces life, but he is much more than what you see on the gridiron.

The side of Trace that often goes unseen is the kind, fun loving side of him. Trace is your classic Kaysville teen. He loves watching the morning sunrise, hanging out with his buddies, and working at Subway. His long hours at Subway, never ending injuries, and dramatic peers are not enough to take the smile off his face. He is very much a hard worker and he plans on serving a two-year mission after school ends.

Arguably, Trace’s most recognizable trait is his rapidly growing beard. When asked about it he explained, “I would say its special to me. It’s something most others don’t have, so its like my superpower.”

Trace is one of the most well-rounded men that roam the halls of Davis High. From making sandwiches, to studying, to playing football, Trace has a positive impact on all the people around him. If you see Trace walking the halls or making a sandwich at your local subway, consider it a privilege and say hello!