Prom Spring Style


Margaret Brown

Prom comes around once a year, and the styles are always new and fresh. Prom is basically an American holiday, there is not one american who has not ever heard of prom.

The style of girls prom dresses have changed a great amount throughout the years. With the new years coming in, the new styles and dresses come in as well. Even five years ago, the dresses were bright, puffy and full of sequins. This years style is completely opposite of what it once was. The new favorites are neutral soft colors and simple cut dresses providing a more aesthetic way of looking.

Not only have the girls formal style simplified to a more casual look , but the boys have as well. Boys used to rent out tuxedos for prom but the style has changed to just a suit coat, shirt, and tie. The tie is how the boys are really able to customize they way their outfit looks with a incredible amount of styles and textures. A favorite tie cut is either the sock tie or a skinny tie. Many boys have also worn suits with design, being plaid or floral.

Make sure you pay attention to the yearly style, and pay a compliment to someone at the dance to brighten their day.