AP Testing is Finally Upon Us!


Julia Hampton

Prom is over, graduation and summer are coming, and from here it’s pretty easy coasting. That is, unless you have an AP test. For the people who took AP classes like, chemistry, geography, calculus, psych, history, etc. school isn’t quite done.

An “AP” test is a college level test that high schoolers’ take to prove that they have earned collage credit. Students that are taking it this week say they recommend taking AP classes in high school, because it’s easier, and much cheaper. In collage classes can cost up to $1000, here at Davis it’s only around $90.

AP classes, and tests take a lot of work, devotion, and  preparation. Some of the students taking AP tests told how they prepared for them.

“The last couple of weeks I’ve been doing practice test, and also been reviewing notes since August.” explains Micah Laub.

“We’ve been doing study groups during lunch, and after school, and writing a lot of essays.” Camille Hough.

If you pass with a 3 or higher you get collage credit. Micah Laub is taking 2 AP classes this year because she is trying to get her associate’s degree.

We all know there is a lot of stress that comes with AP tests. Everyone has different ways of getting rid of stress.

“How I deal with the stress that comes with AP testing is studying more for it.” -Micah Laub.

We wish good luck to all those who are participating in the AP testing!