Does homework actually have benefits?


Ashton Weber

As time goes on the question of if homework has benefits is brought up a lot in the academic world. This debate is mostly between the students, who believe homework is not beneficial; and teachers, who believe that homework is a necessary part in their curriculum. As time goes on, homework is slowly starting to disappear from the scene for many teachers, but not all. Is homework necessary? Is there such thing as over doing homework students with homework?

Most, if not all, students of elementary, jr high, or high school, or any sort of school, students do not enjoy when teachers start handing out homework. When asked if homework has any sort of academic growth, Cole Jensen, a junior here at Davis, said, “I don’t believe homework has any benefit to my academic growth, I think the only benefit that comes with homework is so teachers can put something into their grading system.”

Cole also states later in the interview, “If a teacher is doing their job correctly, the classroom lessons and work should be enough for kids to learn.”

When asked a question similar to the previous, Brody Inman, another junior here at Davis, claims, “Teachers are putting to much emphasis on a grade, rather than their students learning. Teachers hand out homework and give grades based on their assignments.”

The upcoming kids and future generations of the world are in the hands of these educators, and homework is not the solution to improving the academics and smarts of them. Homework only adds stress to the stress already in place from the emphasis that is put on grades in today’s age. There are many solutions that could be used to make the world of academia a better experience for the younger generations; removing homework and relieving the stress enhancing busy work teachers put out known as “homework” can be a huge start to enhancing the educations of the future generations.