Canada vs America: The Differences

Canada vs America: The Differences

Will Ferrin

Canada and The United States share a border and share lots of cultural ideas as well. Many people think of the two neighbors as the same place with nothing different but the name. The first and most noticeable difference is the currency. The Canadian dollar looks like monopoly money with all kinds of different colors. They have a one dollar coin called the “Loonie” and a comparable two dollar coin called the “toonie.”

Canada is an incredibly diverse country even among itself. Canada has two national languages, English in the western part, and French in the eastern part. Even among those two locations, the diversity of the country brings in much more than just that. The people in Canada are considered to be very friendly and very including to all people. The Canadian culture is very welcoming to people with simple aspects such as hospitality and care.

While the government of the United States is mostly ran by people with conservative beliefs, the Canadian government is very liberal based. The relationship between the United States and Canada is strong and will continue to be strong for many years.

The United States and Canada are, and perhaps will always be, considered the same place, however the cultural and governmental differences will always remain and maybe even grow further apart.