To stay hydrated, get a Hydro Flask!


Emma Beardall

The average person needs to drink 64 ounces of water a day. The most convenient way for people to stay hydrated is carrying a water bottle with them throughout their day. With all the different brands & styles, who’s to know what kind of water bottle a person should get?

Fear not, for Hydro Flasks are easily the best water bottles out there. The classic, sleek design makes for easy personalization. There’s something for everybody with the wide variety of colors & designs. Many people choose to accessorize their Hydro with Flex Boots, different colored caps, & lots of stickers.

Some might argue that Hydro Flask’s biggest competitor, Yeti, makes better water bottles. That’s absolutely incorrect because Hydro Flasks are easier to carry and come in more customization styles.

Junior Robin Nelson says, “I love my Hydro Flask more than my life. It’s my favorite color, & it keeps my water cold. I’m running to dance & even if I have to leave my water in my car, it’s still cold.” She ends with this, a steely glint in her eye really showing how strongly she feels. “I hate hot water.”

Do yourself a favor, & toss out that old excuse of a water bottle & get yourself a Hydro Flask. They’re available at a number of retailers, including Tilly’s at Station Park. Stay hydrated!