Seniors vs Senioritis

Will Ferrin

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As the school year winds down to an end, seniors are starting to hear the call of summer and the sun rays beaming down. Attendence is down and school is barely lasting on. Senioritis is a common mindset among students because it is a long school year and many of them already have plans for their future. Whether it be college, a church mission, or even a career, a student is preparing to move on. The focus is taken away from high school and moved to whatever they are planning for their future. An anonymous Senior at Davis High explained his case of senioritis by saying, “My mind is wanting to focus more on preparing for my mission and the future than some silly high school classes.” Many students make the conscious decision to ease off on their high school commitments, while others just get lazy and tired of going to their classes day after day. Another Senior explained his feelings as the school year gets later as, “Its really hard to get up in the mornings to come. It’s also hard staying all the way to the end of the school day.” The school year is coming to a close, and seniors are fighting the desire to sleep in and go home early. Senioritis is a normal feeling to have, but the extremeness of it can vary from student to student.

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