Should Students Be Able to Give Their Teachers Grades?


Should students be able to grade their teachers? If there is a problem with a way a teacher is teaching their students, or they are not teaching as well as the other teachers. Would a simple solution be students evaluating their teachers, making their salary based on their performance?

Students should not be able to bases their teachers salary on their grades. Students don’t care that much about their grades, for a teachers income be based on the lack of drive and effort.

How would a student know the difference of a teacher who is doing their job right, and a teacher who is struggling. Students could also grade a teacher based on how much they like them. If you were to ask two students in the same class, they could give to completely polar opposite opinions based on their grade in that class.

But if the students were able to grade their teachers, but not have the power to affect their salary. It would help the teachers understand what they are doing right and what they are doing wrong.

If students were able to grade their teachers based on their performance in teaching, and not on how much the student personally likes them, or the students grade because some students do not care about their grade, then it would be a good thing to have.

I think that students should be able to grade their teachers, but not have any affect on their salary.