The Innocent Senior Prank


Will Ferrin

Max Barnett is a senior here at Davis High. He has made a point to wear a different outfit every day to keep the school guessing. For the last two weeks of the school year, he has worn outfits such as cardboard box overalls, long tee shirts over shorts, and black make up. He likes to keep his classmates and teachers guessing and to leave his mark on Davis High.

In a year where there has been so much emphasis on not doing senior pranks, Max likes to leave his mark with this unconventional “innocent senior prank.” When asked about why he dresses up, he explained: “This is my final month in high school, so I decided one day to dress in church shoes, church socks, and a belt with regular school clothes, and that started it.”

There are a couple more days left in the school year, and Max will be looking to go out with a bang. He was asked what we can look forward to seeing as the school year comes to an end, and he replied: “Well I think of them while I shower, except for Tuesday. I will be wearing Yoga pants and a rather scandalous shirt.”

Many seniors are wishing to leave their mark on the school, and Max has figured out his way to do it. His move for these weeks will no doubt be remembered, and people are anxiously waiting to see what comes next.