Star Wars Vs Star Trek

Sparks falling from the ceiling of the battleship, and Obi-Wan hanging limply from Anakin’s shoulders, you know that two of the best Jedi might not make it out of their attack on the Separatists alive. Immediately Star War has captivated you into the most legendary outer-space series ever written.

Not all space geeks would agree, because there are other science fictions that occur in outer-space.  Star Trek is the only series that comes close to Star Wars.

When watching the series, it is easy to connect to the characters. Anakin’s inner-conflict against the dark and light side of the force is a reminder that not even the self-controlled Jedi are perfect. Star Wars is based on redemption; after years of being Darth Vader, Anakin saves his son in his epic return to the light side of the Force. Each twist in the plot takes you further into the realm of Star Wars and it becomes part of your life. The hum of a lightsaber, Darth Vader’s imperial march, and Yoda’s advice to the Jedi counsel become reality.

Star Wars also has what Star Trek lacks–the Force. The Force, the central part of Star Wars, is not comparable to any other technology in the geek galaxy. It holds the galaxies together, and is the guiding power of the Jedi. Without the Force, the all-knowing Jedi would not be all-knowing. Against the Force, even the USS Enterprise would be destroyed.

Star Trek’s technology is nothing to be trifled with.  Although the gadgets are high-tech, modern-day technology easily trumps the 1960’s Trekkie technology; if the iPhone hadn’t have been invented, maybe the Trekkies would stand a chance. However, Star Trek depends too much upon its mechanical resources. Battleships and weapons do not replace the need for human interaction.

Star Trek solves its intergalactic conflicts with reason and logic, but the stern Spock and in-control Captain Kirk do not relate to the conflicts faced in everyday life; the Star Wars characters such as Yoda, Obi-Wan Kenobi, and swashbuckling Han Solo are unforgettable because of their unique trials and how they overcome their personal challenges.

Between lightsabers, the Force, and Star Trek’s technology, Star Wars is ultimately better.