Volleyball Team has been Spiking it this Year


Katlyn Mugleston, Writer

The Volleyball team is really stepping it up this year with a record of 10-5 overall so far,
compared to their 7-13 overall post-season record last year. They’re looking to take the win against
Syracuse this Tuesday September 17 at Davis High.
After interviewing Keri Morrell on the Volleyball team, we got some good insight about our girls
repping brown and gold. When asked about her thoughts on how this season will be different from last
year she said.
“I think this season will be different because we’ve all been playing together even longer so we
are more in tune with how everyone naturally plays which makes it easier.”
It looks like the team is going to do good this season but there is always room for improvement.
Keri said.
“The team could make improvements on their serves and placements. We’ve been working very
hard at practice to improve.”
So far this year the girls have had a lot of success and have gotten a lot better since try outs.
Curious of who Keri thinks the most valuable players are, we asked what her opinion was. She said,
“It’s difficult to have an MVP when there are so many different positions, our defense is pretty
good compared to most schools, but our best setter would be Madi Rushton along with the best hitters
Katie Corelli and Liv Watts.”
The Volleyball team should be able to make it to the playoffs and make a run at state. Don’t
forget to come support our girls at their next game. #bringthemob