The Infamous Davis High Mob


Lauren Rusnell

Having school pride is at its undermost importance when it comes to attending the games, That’s why we try to have the loudest student section, also known as the Mob. But what is it really like to be a part of the Davis High Mob?

Jake Sampson, one of the seniors that help hype up the crowd said that being a part of the Mob is “being a part of something bigger than yourself, and being able to cheer your friends and classmates on is the best”.

The Mob may be a bunch of crazy teenagers, but when they come together they created the biggest support system for our football players. It also proves which school has the most pride. As Lincoln Thorpe said “it’s to be a part of the school while also defending the tradition”.

With crazy teens however, come crazy chaotic experiences. Kaden Kinikini and Jackson Culimore describe one of their craziest experiences while in the Mob. “We once got hit by a flying tortilla while trying to talk to our friends”. At every corner there is something new and unusual happening. Lincoln Thorpe said that Jake Sampson hit him in the head with a cowbell, Now that’s school Spirit!

Every Mob must have its leader right? Well maybe not. When asked who the mob leader was this year Jake and Lincoln responded with “not really one person, it’s more of a group effort”. This has been a hot topic at the school ever since football season started. Who could ever follow in the footsteps of Garrett Cisneros, a legend?! That question remains unanswered.

One controversial topic this year concerning the Mob is that the administrators are too strict. When asked his opinions on the topic Lincoln said, “yes 100%, all the other schools have so much more fun and are allowed to do so much more, with them keeping tabs on us our student section is kind of dry, we just get yelled at”. Brooklyn Haycock’s respond was very similar “yes they show a lot of distrust in the students and they see us as stupid teenagers that only know how to make mistakes”.  Some could argue that it’s for our own protection and they’re only doing it to keep us safe.

The Mob has been a tradition for as long as we can remember. We want to create a legacy that can carry on for generations to come.

“One of the reasons it is so important to our students is because it hypes up the players and gives them confidence to improve at their peak” said Kaden.

So what is it really like to be a part of the Davis High Mob? Better come and see for yourself.