Fall fashion failing?

Brooklynn Crowley

Through the years, people grow to like obscure clothing. More and more skin shows as life continues. Now why is this? Even during the fall, the youth seems to be showing much more skin than the average person should be. Especially considering the dress code standards at Davis High.

Ladies youth have been seen wearing strapless tops, booty shorts, merely scraps of clothing that cover hardly anything. However, the schools freezing cold AC has been combating this dilemma. Since most of the human species has been known to dislike cold weather, they have been wearing longer sleeves and longer pants in order to warm their bodies.

Fashion is going down the drain these days and I don’t see why. It makes it so much easier for predators to access areas of the body that most women would not enjoy. Yet, people wear them anyway because it is what is currently “in” as of the season.

Yet, people have the audacity to wonder why so many problems concerning women getting harassed have come to surface.

Now, I am not one to judge, but if a woman wants to go out practically nude than she shouldn’t expect to have the same respect that is handed to everybody else. I understand that it is currently a popular fashion but, would you rather be respected or disrespected?