Is college really worth it?

Joe Quillen

It seems like in today’s world everyone is determined to get out of high school, get into college as quickly as possible, and graduate with a degree. But is all of that extra school really needed? college is a great opportunity to expand your knowledge and meet new people but is not necessarily needed to make a living.

I asked Chance Gilbert a senior here at Davis high if he thinks college is needed he said,

“College is the smartest way to get a high paying job today. But if you don’t know what field you want to study or work in then you shouldn’t go just to go.”

He gives a good point about high paying jobs. But Bill gates one of the most wealthy men in the world didn’t attend a single day of college. There are also many alternatives to college. Like trade jobs and entrepreneurship.

Eric money a student enrolled in the DTC welding program says,

“I can make just as much money in a trade job welding as I could with a degree, the amount of money you make doesn’t necessarily hinge on your amount of schooling but how you use the knowledge you already have.”

There are plenty alternatives to college that can make you just as much money. It all depends on your field of work and if you feel college is for you.