Tyler, The Creator Presents IGOR


Isaac Whipple

You’ve waited months for the Tyler, The Creator.. and he has finally arrived! You find yourself close to the front row after you and your friends ditched last class period to wait in line. Your legs are weak… your arms are stuck between people you don’t know… you’re already sweaty and just trying to hold your spot in the front before the show even starts…you begin reminiscing about better times before you were inside the venue…throwing tennis balls trying to get them atop a balcony with the then friendly strangers.

Tyler, The Creator came to the Great Saltair on Tues. Oct 8 and multitudes of Davis High School’s very own students were outside waiting at 7 o clock. Yes this was 12 hours before the concert was supposed to start. Tyler’s albums range from shock value to swooning ballads, as he started out rapping with his group of friends “OFWGKTA” his sound was rebellious, rowdy, loud and overall offensive.

While this turned many adults away because of his outrageous lyrics, his music became an anthem of many rowdy rebellious teenagers who fell in love with his group known as “Odd Future”. He starred in a television show called “Loiter Squad” with all of his friends which proved he has been a performer since birth. As Tyler matured so did his music which became more about the production, not just a beat made in some apartment. Tyler would rap about real problems like his dad leaving him as a kid. Tyler’s music grew because of his personal growth and more people have been drawn to him. With his latest release “IGOR” not being a rap album at all and is hard to compare to his other works, instead “IGOR” makes you feel a certain way as though each song is an original sound.

This is what draws the adolescents of Kaysville Utah to such a polarizing artistic figure like Tyler, The Creator.

“A BOY IS A GUN” is my favorite track off his album (IGOR), it is very unique, I haven’t heard anything like it before”. Explained Davis High School Senior Trevor Schwab.

With an immense amount of excitement for Tyler it also caused an immense amount of energy. Everyone was pushing and shoving trying to get to the front of the crowd, it was chaotic. Jaxden Beaudoin, a senior at Davis High, was in the front and center of the concert while a grown man tried to steal his spot Jaxden told him to get lost, instead of doing just that the man grabbed him by the hair and proceeded to punch Jaxden. The crowd was crammed before the show even started and no one let up until it was over.

“All I really remember was a big security guard jumping over me to tackle the guy.” Stated Beaudoin

Tempers have historically always flared over unique artists. If you don’t believe it do your research on William Shakespeare riots during the 1800’s.

GoldLink and Blood Orange opened for Tyler and they both were amazing. GoldLink had the crowd jumping and moshing while BloodOrange was more mellow and calmed people down. Once Tyler came out on stage all hell broke loose and the crowd went wild. Trevor Schwab who attended the concert because of his long love of Tyler and his merch was shocked when he heard the iconic “TAMALE TAMALE TAMALE TAMALE TAMALE TAMALE TAAMAALLEEE” of the song “Tamale”. The song tamale comes off his “WOLF” album and is a hit for all teens due to his rapid-fire verses and high energy lyrics. The whole crowd was feeling Tyler, especially when he played songs from Igor. Everyone was singing along to relaxing songs when all a sudden the song would switch and the crowd would go nuts to “Who dat boy”. The concert was breathtaking, literally, like you couldn’t breathe, and not just from the amount of humans you were sharing oxygen with. It was what some call an “aw factor”.

As the concert concluded with “ARE WE STILL FRIENDS?” everyone was feeling Tyler’s energy and almost felt sad as this may be their only chance to see him live. Tyler left the stage after calling Utah pretty boring but “pretty” and recounted how he saw some deer while biking. Everyone ran to the merchandise stands to purchase his items from his clothing line “GOLF WANG” and after that, you had to sit in your car for an hour trying to leave the venue. Overall it was an amazing concert but the venue was lacking because it had no incline so it was hard to see during the show, it was small, and there was hardly any parking.

Tyler, The Creator will go down as one of the best artists/performers of this generation.