“Ethan Rushton” Myth or Legend?


cody crawford

Ethan Rushton is a 17 year old male, who goes to school at Davis high school, Although Ethan might seem rude at first he has a very fun/funny sense of humor that you understand after you get to know him.

His favorite activities include of Snowboarding, driving around town, fishing, hanging out with his girlfriend and friends, and dont forget soccer which he plays for Davis high school. If he could live anywhere in the world he said he would live in Canada, the reason behind because he goes there to fish with his dad and loves it .

Ethan does not currently have a job at the moment but he recently quit from Hug-Hes cafe in Centerville where he used to wash dishes but had to quit because of soccer.

Ethan snowboards at Brighton and Snow basin his snowboard is a DC pbj 153 with traditional camber made with all wood dipped in plexi glass. His worst injury was 2 years ago when he tried to back flip and landed on his head and got a concussion. Ethan’s typical weekend consists of hanging out and having sleep overs at friends.

Ethans favorite video game is call of duty he very much dislikes Halo reach and does not like GTA 5 which all of his friends plays and makes fun of them for it, but Ethan is a good young man who loves to play sports and be with friends, Definitely Legend.