Teppanyaki, the restaurant of dreams


Katlyn Mugleston

 Having trouble finding a place to go out to eat near Davis County? The best place that I’ve been out to eat is Teppanyaki, it’s a very unique place and perfect for a nice dinner date. What’s special about Teppanyaki is the fact they cook your food right in front of you. They have so many entrees to choose from, they start out with their onion soup and then bring you out a house salad with their original delicious dressing. Afterwards, The cook comes out and lights a small flame right in front of your eyes then begins to cook. They start out with the vegetables, onions, mushrooms, zucchini and the rice and noodles, then they start on your steaks or chicken afterwards they make the sea food. At the end of the dinner they keep aside some shrimp to throw at you at towards the end to see if you can catch it in your mouth. The reason many people like this restaurant, is because of the great amount of quality food, it is also very interactive and awesome to watch them make your food with their stunning spatula tricks and techniques while cooking your food.