Student Spotlight: Brett Knowlton


dallin neilson

Brett Knowlton is a senior at Davis and is also on the drum line. he has three brothers and is in the marching band. his brothers also do band and I are on the mountain biking team at Davis.

he loves hanging out with his friends, and always has something to do. in the summer he’s either at marching band, or boating with his friends and family. In the winter, he is either at drum line, snowmobiling, or skiing. other than all of that fun stuff, he likes to computer program and wishes to pursue a job in that field.

underneath all busy stuff that Brett does, he is one of the most loving, compassionate, understanding people that you will ever meet. He truly lights up the world of his friends.

A quote that Brett lives by is,

“Life’s too short to worry about things that we got wrong” -Alex O’connor.

He has one of the most wonderful personalities out there, he will never truly know the huge impact that he has on others.