Different is Ok.

Megan Harris


Every person is different, and within themselves instilled are different opinions. No two people can agree on every single topic. If the world all agreed on every topic there would be no new development. An Individual learning to develop opinions only makes that individual more valuable to the world.

My name is Megan Harris. As a young girl I found myself following every single rule, whether it be making a mistake or listening to the rules wrong, I felt so discouraged and guilty. Over time I learned and developed, continuously exploring my thoughts and opinions, this only made me better becoming a stronger more independent woman. Which is something the world needs more of. I find myself challenging opinions of others and standing my ground to make decisions that will benefit me. I’ve learned to listen to my inner voice by listening, I have had to make difficult decisions that will affect the rest of my life.

I asked Ella Olsen from Davis High how teachers influence her decision making? She responded by saying, “The negative reactions they give me when I explain to them to my future plans only makes me want to make those decisions more.”

I also asked the same question to Oliver Iverson, “They act like my decisions are going to affect their life, like shouldn’t they just be happy for me?”

If I would’ve listened to the people that I didn’t agree with that told me my decisions were the wrong ones, that I need to follow the norm, stay in situations and find passion for things I am not passionate about, etc. I know my decisions would be skewed in a direction in which I know I would not be happy. The different decisions I made only set me up for success in my life and gave me life changing opportunities. Taking the plunge not only proves to me but to others what my potential is. Which is greater because I didn’t listen to everyone and chose to be different.