Bo Roundy the living legend


Malachi Edwards

Bo Roundy is well known around Davis High School for being a charismatic, happy people person. History teacher, ex-football coach, head coach of wrestling. Bo dedicates his life to wrestling and has been coaching for years. He previously coached at Logan High School until he moved to Kaysville and became head coach at Davis. Bo works hard working his team of 48 kids to perfection. The team this year is generally young with only a handful of seniors.

Roundy is renown as being a great coach pumping out excellent wrestlers such as previously graduated, Parker Coffey, Heston Percival, Eli Knowlton and more. Bo developed close relationships with his wrestlers helping them every step of the way. When he’s not coaching his team his mind is still on wrestling helping his four boys learn the sport themselves. With his mind always on wrestling, it’s obvious why he is such a great coach.

Everyone knows Bo, and everyone likes him, but does anyone really know Bo? He grew up with a rough childhood on a native reservation. He worked hard to get an education and considers his master’s degree his greatest accomplishment. Bo loves woodworking and builds patios as a hobby on the side.

“I like to dirt bike, and watch my boys wrestle.”

Roundy has been to 15 countries and loves to travel. His favorite vacation was a Caribbean cruise with his wife, where he went ziplining in Haiti.

“I love road-tripping across the states with my family.” – Bo Roundy

Bo Roundy is an excellent coach who is bound to continue to lead Davis High wrestling to success. An excellent coach and teacher, everyone who knows Bo knows how great of a guy he is. Roundy is the cream of the crop when it comes to teachers and coaches, a living legend.