Winter Fashion: Tips and Tricks for Staying Confident & Cute

Talia Swindell, Journalism Writer

Fashion has no limit. Fashion is an experience, a way of expression. It has no season or time of year that makes it relevant or irrelevant.

The way we dress shows everyone around us how we represent ourselves. For example, you are not going to wear ripped jeans and a baggy T-shirt to an interview where everyone dresses formal, chances are they will take one look and turn you down.

Overall, fashion is the most common way of human expression. How we treat ourselves, how we act, and who we are generally comes about through the way we dress.

Most find it easy to have that freedom to express through clothing in the summer, and warmer months, but what about during the chilly holiday seasons?

Here are a few fashion tips to help you keep that confidence beaming -even during the cold winter months.

First off, the most common and easiest one, Layering. Layering is an easy, simple way to wear your favorite confident boosting outfits, but also staying warm and bundled up. There are many different types of styles that make it easy to layer on to. Basic styles that are simple such as a nude top and black jeans, are easy to add layers on and still look put together, all the while being warm.

Second winter fashion tip: Shoes. During winter, most outfits tend to be more colorless and based on gray, nude, blacks, dark greens, etc. Wear your favorite basic outfit, and let your shoes steal the show. A great tip for this is getting yourself some cute, yet warm, boots. Wearing a basic outfit with those boots, or other type of shoes if preferred, will really tie the whole outfit together.

Third tip to spice up those outfits: Accessories. Accessories in general are an easy way to really add to an outfit, but during the winter, accessories spice up an outfit just as good as any other time of year. Wearing belts over your coats, or getting a nice pair of earrings will add to a simple fit.

A fourth way to hop on the trend chain and really help spice up your outfits is: Faux Fur. Faux fur is big on trend right now, and it is perfect for those simple outfits to really help give it that push, all while keeping you warm.

Five: Beanies. Beanies are an item that nowadays, are being worn year round. The more the reason to bundle up with a nice beanie. Beanies are functional, yet stylish. A good beanie will completely change the look of an outfit. Investing in a few good and cute beanies-most of which are fairly cheap- will really help you stay up to date on the latest fashions.

Six, everyone’s favorite: Sweaters and hoodies. Sweaters have always been a favorite fall and winter must to some, but this year seem to be even more popular. There are many types of cute and chic sweaters, finding a good sweater that you feel comfortable and confident in is key. Hoodies on the other hand, everyone owns a hoodie. Even during the warm months you can catch people still in their sweatshirts and hoodies. Finding a good hoodie that you love and feel confident is easy and simple. A hoodie or sweater with a good pair of jeans is a cute and simple look for when it starts to get chilly.

Seven: Jackets. As simple as it sounds, finding a good jacket will really add to an outfit. Popular ways to find cute, cheap, and unique jackets is thrifting. Oversized jackets and hoodies are in, making it easy and simple to have a warm but cute outfit. Go to your nearest thrift store and find any type of jacket, jean or wool, big or small, colorful or nude, any jacket works-to keep you staying warm, yet cute & confident.

Last but not least: Color. As I have already mentioned, blacks, whites, tans, nudes, and those of darker colors such as olive green and maroon, are good winter and fall colors. Wearing the right colors will have you looking confident, fresh, and fabulous. The best part is, this colors are easy to find and match. They are the most common and popular ingredient for having a good looking outfit for those colder outfits.

Taking a basic outfit, and using any of the tips above will really help you spice up your outfits, all the while staying warm and confident.

What’s your favorite outfit? What is something you could add to keep you feeling confident, but also warm?



6 Winter Fashion Tips for Looking Good When It’s Too Cold to Deal