Thanksgiving food drive

Isaac Whipple

When the cold fall weather “rolls” around, thanksgiving begins to creep into everyone’s mind as the harsh winter inches closer. During this time you may begin to think of the origins of thanksgiving or maybe even the name behind the holiday, think about it “Thanks” “Giving” This holiday season isn’t just about the turkey, the mounds of mashed potatoes not even the killer deals on Black Friday. Instead, this holiday focus on the things you are thankful for that many others may not have, That’s where we get the “Thanks” part of thanksgiving.

The “Giving” section of Thanksgiving is where every one of you can and should come into play. Here at Davis, we are hosting our annual food drive, where we all come together as a community to donate cans of food to help those in need.

“I love being a part of a community that cares about more than just themselves.” – Mr. Frey

The Davis high food drive is a great way to help out this holiday season it makes other less fortunate people happy and helps them enjoy their holiday just as much as you. Think about it how much food do you have in the pantry at home? how much of it do you need? how much is it going to hurt to donate a few cans of food? It is just so simple, bring in food.

Come donate to the Davis High food drive and help out those in need. Remember what Thanksgiving is all about this holiday and remember about those in need. Remember to be thankful for what you have and give back. The food drive ends November 21 so make sure you get your cans in quick! Be safe this holiday and don’t overeat or overspend on black Friday be safe out there trying to get those deals.