How to save money during Christmas season


Ireland Dannehold

During this holiday season there are some ways to save money to buy the gifts you want to buy for your loved ones.  Ways including coupons, sales, and maybe going to a thrift store. There are websites and apps that can help you save such as Groupon, Woot, Cool Savings, and ScoutMob. There are coupons on Groupon for places like amazon, Nordstrom, Home Depot, Best Buy American Eagle, Blue Apron, Kohls, Forever 21, and more. There are deals at the Layton Mall for some 50% off deals, and clearance sales on clothes and accessories at American Eagle.

“I buy really simple gifts that in bulk that can be given to lots of people. I also write lots of notes and do homemade things too. It isn’t hard to save if you just think about it. Plus, it’s the thought that counts. Cookies and brownies are really smart gifts too, especially for people who are really hard to shop for.”

said Charity Maynes, Senior.

Some good places to shop for your friends can be from walgreens, walmart, dollar tree, target, and more low dollar stores. These places are good places and you are sure to find something for a friend, significant other, or a relative.

“I buy simple, cheap items and customize them myself to make the items more personal and less store bought. This way you get a personalized, cheap gift for everyone. I believe it adds a special touch to those already thoughtful gifts.”-Talia Swindell, sophomore.

Even the smallest gifts can mean a lot to someone that would normally not have gifts at all. For the christmas season go ahead and shop at some of these places for your pals and no doubt it will make them grateful.