Winter Choir Concert: “I can hear the bells!”


The amount of effort put into every choral performance is astounding. Generally, every choir learns 3 songs at a max but this year there were choirs that preformed with not only 3, but 4 songs. The entire performance consisted of beautiful Christmas music to kick off Christmas break. If you did not attend, you have a real treat up ahead if you go to the next concert.

Our very own top choir, madrigals, did wonderful as always. With them constantly preforming at assemblies, special events, etc. and having no room to prepare for a concert, they were absolutely astounding.

Not only is it a super fun activity but it also takes an incredible amount of preparation and focus to execute the choral pieces properly.

“It gives me an opportunity to do what i love with the people that I love.” – Charity Maynes, soloist

Next to madrigals is an A’ Capella group that always has an upbeat tone to them. Everyone is genuinely having a good time and I have never heard a negative thing about their choir group.

“The creativity they put into making their songs sound different and new is so inspiring, it makes me actually want to listen and possibly work on more of my own music.” – Faith Beeler, former Davis High student

Not only are there the many choral arrangements, but there is also a hand bell choir.

The hand bell choir is made up of just as it would seem, bells. Beautiful arrangements of instrumental peace start off the concert as always. The lass is first period if anyone is still interested in joining.

Music is the point with the most focus, of course, but it is not the only covered subject. Mrs. May [choir teacher at Davis High School] also covers getting to know the other students as well as choreography.

Choir really is an experience that helps people to grow.