Should More Young Women Wear Less Makeup?

Talia Swindell, Journalism Writer

In today’s society, makeup is broadly known about and used. Everyone can wear makeup. Whether you are male, female, non-specified, etc. you can wear makeup. But, wearing makeup has its disadvantages. Should more teenage females wear less makeup? I believe yes, and here’s why.

When wearing makeup, most people do it to feel what society thinks is prettier, especially young females. I believe that females, and anyone in general who does not feel beautiful naturally, should wear less makeup until they feel good in their natural body.

I have always loved makeup and fashion, every since I was little. Because of this, I have played with makeup my whole life. I first started wearing makeup -in public- in fifth and sixth grade, and I loved it, I always felt pretty and grown up, It made me feel confident.

I started wearing more makeup about the age of twelve or thirteen. I was in junior high then, and it was not uncommon for young girls my age to wear makeup. I had always been more confident from the get go, most people my age had to still get to the stage of being unapologetically themselves. So for me, wearing makeup was not a necessity.

I soon got to a point where I realized, I did in fact start to feel less confident and less beautiful if I didn’t have any makeup on. I tried to ignore it, but it always bugged me. Nobody should feel less beautiful because of something society tells them they need.

I decided to make a change. I told myself I would stop wearing makeup until I felt confident enough to go without it completely.

I did. It took about a week to completely feel like myself. For these seven days I didn’t wear any makeup at all.

After that week, my passion for makeup grew, but not because I felt like I needed it.

I felt confident enough to go with or without makeup, and feel beautiful and socially accepted.

I believe that more teenage and pre-teens should wear less makeup, until they are confident in their own bodies with their naked, natural face.