2k19 Trend Recap


Kaitlyn Tennant

The 2010’s have officially come to an end as of January 1st. As we say goodbye to 2019 we are also saying goodbye to all of the most popular trends that it contained. I talked to about 50 students of Davis High and asked them all one question: What was the most popular trend of 2019? There were seven things that all got mentioned more than 30 times. I’m going to count down these seven things from the most popular to the least popular.

#1: Tik Tok- Tik Tok was mentioned by almost everyone I talked to. Multiple people said that Tik Tok was like the new musically or the new vine. Everyone has been obsessed with this app and spends hours on end watching and making these videos.

“I downloaded Tik Tok as a joke at first, but then I got addicted and now I always catch myself doing the Tik Tok dances and using Tik Tok references all the time. I never even get any homework done anymore, I just scroll through Tik Tok for hours,” said student Ellie Anderson.

#2: Scrunchies- I thought it was very interesting that this one was mentioned the most after Tik Tok. Scrunchies were a huge thing in the 80’s and made a sudden comeback in 2019. You could see girls wearing them around their wrists or in their hair wherever you went.

#3: Airpods- Airpods were actually released from Apple in 2016, but since the generation 2 Airpods and the Airpod pros were released in 2019, they became super popular. This is just one of many trends that I don’t think is going to be left behind in 2019, these are coming with us right into 2020.

#4: Hydro Flasks- These were mentioned by every single girl that I talked to. I think it is safe to say that this trend is the most popular with girls. A lot of girls decorated their Hydro Flasks with stickers too.

“I guess you could say 2019 was the year that the VSCO girls took over,” said junior Phoebe Arnold.

#5: Nike Air Maxes- This style of Nikes was extremely popular during 2019. This trend was very popular with the boys rather than the girls. A lot of people got them customized too, so no one would have the same shoe as them or so that they would have the coolest pair. Personally I loved this trend for the boys and I think it helped them up their style game.

#6: Carhartt Beanies- This is another trend that was very popular in 2019 but will also be coming with us right into the 2020’s. If you walked down the halls of Davis you could count at least 20 Carhartt beanies on people’s heads every day. This trend was one of the only ones that was pretty popular with both boys and girls.

#7: Bold Makeup- This was the trend that was mentioned the least out of the seven but was still pretty popular. This trend was one that mostly girls mentioned too. Youtube makeup artists and the releases of their own lines of makeup was the biggest fuel to this fire. However, with the new year a lot of girls are now going for more subtle looks.

So there you have it Davis High, the top seven trends of 2019 according to its very own students. I don’t think I am the only person who is excited to see what trends the 2020’s will bring us!