Should You Grind or Chill Your Senior Year?

Should You Grind or Chill Your Senior Year?

Dallin Nelson

Many kids wonder if they should take easy classes their senior year or get a head start on college. Some people just take elective classes other than the required ones, some people get everything required out of the way and just take electives, and some people just do packets or online.

There are many different ways you can look at it and the truth is, there isn’t a right answer, but there is a sweet spot. every person has different needs, wants, and ambitions in their life. You could take so many classes that you finish your generals, or you could just take the bare minimum and do nothing the whole year. I wouldn’t recommend either.

I believe that there is such thing as too much and too little. You shouldn’t overwhelm yourself and take too many classes, even if you want to get ahead. There is such thing as having free time instead of having to stay home every weekend and do homework all the time. You also shouldn’t do nothing your senior year. Taking all easy classes is a waste of time and won’t help you in the future. Larkyn Robinson says she is “planning on taking enough but not too much her senior year”

If you are feeling like you can’t do anything or you don’t want to do anything, push yourself to take something you might not otherwise, and if your schedule is bogged down, cut down a class and find some time to live. Brett Knowlton said “I’m glad I didn’t take too many classes so I could hang out a lot”