The Link to Beauty and Fashion

Talia Swindell, Journalism Writer

The ideals of fashion and beauty have changed and advanced over the past decade. I believe because of this, fashion and what is considered beautiful, go hand in hand.

If you’ve seen some of my previous stories, you would know that fashion is something I’m fairly passionate about, so although I may not be qualified to make predictions on fashion for this new year, I believe that fashion is only going to keep getting more unique, modern, and accepting.

As a society over the last decade, we’ve grown so much and changed our ideals of beauty. I believe that because we’ve opened our eyes and ideals on what is considered beautiful, and acceptable, it has had a major affect on the things we wear and how we view beauty and fashion.

A couple of years ago somebody who was a bigger size would not be considered beautiful or ideal in societies eyes. In turn leading them to only wear certain things that they feel society would accept them in. This then limits fashion for a very large group of people.

Smaller people were told they couldn’t wear certain things by society, limiting the things they felt comfortable wearing.

Small, big, short, tall, round, square, society had certain standards, and limited what would be considered beautiful, acceptable, and ideal for these labels to wear.

2019 was a huge year for fashion, and acceptance. People of different colors, different shapes, different sizes, all started to be socially ideal, and socially accepted.

Because we as a society started to open up our eyes and view the world as beautiful, along with all the individuals in it, more people gained confidence. More people of different sizes and color were accepted, and in turn started being represented in fashion.

Plus size models were accepted, women of color were accepted, societies ideals about beauty and what is considered beautiful completely changed for the better.

In 2020, I believe that fashion will continue to be more accepting, creative, and beautiful. From the models to the clothing, everyone will be represented, accepted, and respected.

This year, wear whatever you want. That’s it, that’s the closing. Don’t let anyone label you, don’t let society make you believe that because you are human and you have a body, you aren’t allowed to present it any which way you please.