A Multicultural Racsim

Racism has taken a new dimension in today’s society, especially on school grounds. It isn’t the discrimination of other ethnicities, but rather rewarding those of a unique background and ethnicity with better privileges and getting admitted by colleges rather than those of a white ethnicity background.

The UCLA General Catalog stated, “the university has no higher priority than to advance the ethnic diversity of its students, faculty, staff and administrators.”

On what authority do people have to discriminate those that are part of their same community and ethnicity? Yes, there is a need for diversity in a school, but making it harder for someone else to get into that college because they are of white ethnicity, while granting someone with a unique ethnic background into the college is not right.

Stated in an article,“notice that the highest priority is not the development of the individual, not such individually oriented goals as wisdom, knowledge, or preparation for a career–but: ethnic diversity,” Diversity and Multiculturalism: The New Racism, by Micheal S Berliner and Gary Hull.

The point of college is to continue the advancement of education for those who want to excel in a career that they are aspiring in. To have diversity in a school as a major priority is a huge problem, especially with the educational system already suffering with students dropping out early or teachers not caring about students, in the elementary through high school years.

A person is meant to function on their own, not in a complete group. This is not a society based off of Anthem by Ayn Rand, who wrote the story about a society where everyone was one, the individual is destroyed.“Racism means the destruction of independent judgement, i.e., the ability of an individual to think for himself and to guide his own life. In all ways–cognitive, moral, political–it merges the individual into the group,” Diversity and Multiculturalism. This is the United States, here the individual is emphasized to be important and independent. We as citizens should not be discriminated by ethnicity; we have moved past that immaturity as a country. So why are educational institutions focusing on gaining those of unique ethnic background rather than focusing on their educational system as a whole?

“The ‘diversity’ movement claims that its goal is to extinguish racism and build tolerance of differences.” The diversity movement is creating a new-found racism, not extinguishing racism by any means. Students don’t realize this until it is a little too late. The best chance they have is to apply earlier to give them a little booster in actually getting accepted. They apply for a college and don’t get accepted, they find out later that a person with the same grades and ACT score have been accepted, but only because they have a unique ethnic diversity, says the Gary Hull in Diversity and Multiculturalism.

This needs to stop now. We as students need to take a stand against the new racism that has formed, not necessarily by boycotting school in general, but rather making it known that this is happening to not only them but to other people as well. We need to let other students be aware of what is going on, not just ignore the problem that continues to grow