Are Movies Getting Worse?

Are Movies Getting Worse?

Carston Christensen

It seems like the Cinematic Industry is having a decline in creativity, at least from a personal perspective. It just seems that they’re running out of ideas and have become desperate, so they make infinite movie series of movies people love. My grandpa always asks when Transformers 86 is coming out, but it is true they just seem to keep adding to series of original movies that people love to make money. It’s because we love the originals, it doesn’t matter if the other ones are bad! And that’s while they will keep doing it and keep making a very large profit from it. For example “Pirates of the Caribbean, Transformers, Harry Potter, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Mission Impossible, Rocky, Rambo, Jurassic Park, Terminator, etc.….”

Now I’ll be the first to admit that I’m a sucker for most those movies especially Star Wars. I’m ecstatic every time a new one comes out, but after every release of a new movie, I come away disappointed which leads me to my next question. “Are all these continuous movies tarnishing the legacy of the original movies?”

As much as I hate to say it I believe so. I mean what ever happened to creativity and broadening the horizon and creating a cinematic masterpiece that the world has never seen. Why are people so scared to make something new, to introduce the world to a new idea on screen. To make new art not just replicate the old.

That’s the other issue is that because of the lack of creativity directors are beginning to just remake old movies. It’s the same story only through a different lens. Trying to create a nostalgic feeling for movie fans, but they just need to leave them untouched, let the classics stay classic, they’re like a fine wine, they get better with age. But at the end of the day people will just conform and stick to what’s safe comfortable and makes them the most money. Disney is a prime example, one of the largest movie producing and grossing companies in the world and all they do is remake movies that appeal to mass culture and especially children, and it makes them billions.

All I want is a brave producer to go against the social norm and create something different, something new and unique that we’ve never seen. Just like the producers of the old days that revolutionized the film industry because of their creativity! They didn’t care what the people thought and how much money it would make they just wanted to make art. Our culture is lacking that currently and needs it back immensely.