Photography: A Sight for Sore Eyes


Isaac Chamberlain


There are a lot of clubs here at Davis high, ranging from chess club to the cookie club. Photo club, with around fifteen members, is a very artistic club with a lot of talent. One of Julia Last’s, the photo club’s president, depicts a student with paint on her face in the photograph. The lights are turned off, and a blacklight turns the paint into an array of different colors, having a mesmerizing effect.

Julia has been taking pictures since Junior high. When she got to Davis, she knew she wanted to continue with photography, so she joined Photo club. She had a great time, and said that everyone was helpful. She was so good that eventually she became president. Some of the advice she gave to people who are either in photo club or just want to get better at photography, is just come to the club to get help. 

There are a lot of reasons to join photo club. The club gives you a place to express your creativity and take some cool pictures. If you’re new to photography, the club can show you what to do and help you with good techniques. If you’ve been taking pictures your whole life, now you can show off to everyone your artistic abilities.

Another big reason to come is to make friends. Clubs are a great way to get with people who share your interests. Julia Last says her favorite memories in photo club are just goofing around and having fun. If you want to join, they meet up every Thursday after school in Millers room, which is 1223. Hope to see you there!