Davis High Debate prepares for the biggest tournaments of the season


This Friday, the 21st, Davis High Debate team will be going to the Farmington Forum, a three-round debate held at Farmington High right after school. This event actually used to be hosted by Davis and was called “The Dart”, but they could not host it this year so Farmington took it over for them.

This Saturday, the 22nd, the debate team will be heading to the Speech National Qualifiers debate event. It will be held at Weber University and if the team makes it to the top three, they will qualify to go to the Speech Nationals held in Albuquerque, New Mexico!

Davis High’s debate team also has the Debate National Qualifiers coming up in a couple weeks. The debate team is going to be very busy for the next few weeks because they have a very important debate every weekend until about mid-March. Even though they are always relatively busy, the team says that they are never very stressed out about events becuase they always turn out to be very fun.

If you don’t know much about debate, here are just a few interesting things about it that will maybe spark your interest to try debate out next year! Debate is a process that involves formal discussin about a particular topic and there are usually two opposing teams put forward to argue their viewpoints. Every tournament has different topics that are fun and interesting for everyone involved, so you will never debate about the same thing multiple times. Our Davis High debate team is full of awesome people that are very welcoming and would be glad to have anyone come and join them.

Debate is a very underrated extra curricular at Davis High School, yet the team is very hardworking and deserves a lot more recognition than they get. So go and support the debate team this Friday and Saturday and give them the recognition they deserve!