What’s Poppin? Lisa’s Passion for Popcorn!


Claire Young

Lisa’s Passion for Popcorn is a multi generational business whose impact on the community is almost as impressive as their gourmet popcorn.

Lisa’s Passion for Popcorn, originally called the Popcorn Place, has been selling popcorn since 1984. However, its founder, Lisa Call, had been making popcorn long before that. The family owned many small town movie theaters including the Kaysville Theater and many others in the area. Lisa started making caramel popcorn (a recipe which is now on it’s fourth generation in the family) in the back office of one of their theaters and sold it occasionally. Customers absolutely loved it so she walked down to the corner drug store, bought some sucker oil, and made the second flavor ever-cinnamon, which people also loved.

“Over the next couple of years, we got up to 120-something flavors. She just had so much fun with the creative process of coming up with new flavors.”

Zach Call, current owner, says.

As much as Lisa loved the business, it wore her out. She ran every aspect of the business for 32 years, but she got to the point where she couldn’t handle it physically anymore, so she started to consider selling it. That’s when Lisa’s son, Zach Call, began to get excited about it.

My wife and I bought it in January 2016 and with the enthusiasm, or stupidity, of young 25 year old’s, both immediately quit our jobs and went all in on this being our thing. We’ve pushed for expansion ever since.”

Says Zach.

In the time that Zach has owned the business, Lisa’s Passion for Popcorn has expanded to 2 locations-Kaysville Main Street and the Layton Hills mall-with another one opening in the Newgate Mall this weekend. Lisa’s legacy of passion and creativity combined with Zach’s ambition and drive have made this business extraordinarily successful and prevalent in the community.

One thing that Lisa’s Passion for Popcorn does to support the community is called, “Pop Open a Good Book.” At the end of every school year, Lisa’s Passion for Popcorn collects as many children’s books as possible and then donates them to Title 1 elementary schools. The company gives the kids popcorn and books with the desire to help them get excited about reading.

It’s something that’s super important to me because I feel like in a lot of ways traditional schooling didn’t work out terribly well for me. I think a lot of people are in traditional schools to check a certain number of boxes before you go home, rather than learning to love learning. So, this is something that has very little to do with selling popcorn but very much to do with trying to support the community and trying to help kids in a way that would’ve helped me when I was that age.”

One differentiating trait of Lisa’s Passion for Popcorn is that popcorn is the only thing they sell. Since the beginning, the owners have made it a goal to be experts at one thing and doing it extraordinarily well. Those efforts have certainly paid off. Lisa’s Passion for Popcorn currently sells 25 flavors year round with another dozen or so that come up on special occasions. They have a flavor for everyone including Butter Pecan, Kettle, White Chocolate, Sugar Cookie, Cheddar, and Mountain Mist. They even have a signature brand that minimizes ingredients to produce much healthier popcorn.

Several Davis High students commented on the popcorn saying,

“They do a really good job. It tastes so different than any other popcorn than I’ve had before-in a good way!”

Carlos Zubeldia.

“It’s sweet and savory at the same time. It’s not what I expected but it’s so good!”

Anni Goebel.

“The texture is really nice. It really melts in your mouth and I definitely think I could eat a lot of it.”

Isabelle Karren.

“The flavors are fascinating. Some are really mellow and others feel like a party on your tongue.”

Brittany Clegg.

“It’s regular popcorn, but with an extra something special.”

Elizabeth Oldham.

“I’m already looking up their website to order some more!”

Tyler Ruffell.

Over the years, Lisa’s Passion for Popcorn has clearly perfected their craft at making gourmet popcorn and focuses on maintaining a very positive influence on the community. As their business continues to grow and expand, Lisa’s Passion for Popcorn will undoubtedly have a resounding influence on both the people and their tastebuds.