Cheer Trip: The Trip of a Lifetime


Samuel Parrish, Samuel Parrish

Our hard working cheer team just recently took an exciting trip to Orlando, Florida. Bailee Aspittle, a senior member of the team, gave an overview of the wonderful cheer trip.

“We had a 4-day park hopper pass [to Disney World] and each day we were required to go to a certain park with our team, my favorite part was just being in Disney World with my best friends, I also really liked the Avatar ride.” -Bailee Aspittle

Aside from enjoying all the fun attractions at the park, the cheerleaders also got to perform. Veanne Franks, who is also a senior on the team, gave a rundown the performance, “For our performance we did it with the Dettes and we did a total of 8 dances. Some were just cheerleaders, some were just Dettes, and some of them we combined and did it together! It was super fun to perform and we actually had a good turn out of people that came to watch!” Veanne says that her favorite thing about the experience was the opportunity to work with the Dettes. They would combine practices on Tuesday nights to prepare for the performance.

The cheerleaders spent the last day of the trip at Coco Beach. A lovely sight to see and have fun!

”It was a great game, the weather was really nice. It was about 75 degrees so not too warm but much warmer than here. Most of the Dettes and Cheerleaders got in the water then we ate lunch next to the beach.” -Bailee Aspittle

It sounds like our cheer team had a great weekend off. They work super hard and show great support for all of our athletics teams. This trip was well deserved and we are so proud to have one of the best cheer teams in the nation!