Teachers v.s Corona


Kainoa Sorensen, Editor/Writer

It is fair to say that 2020 is a year of disaster. Legends have passed away, natural disasters continue to test the earths limit, and politics are getting very rambunctious. But one of the most relevant hardships the world is facing right now is the Corona Virus, A.K.A Covid 19.

The Corona virus is a very contagious disease that the world has never seen before. It has affected society so much and a lot of our lives revolve around our safety from this potentially deadly disease. One place it has impacted is schools. The school wants students to return to school, but also wants kids to be safe from the virus. Teachers definitely have their own concerns and we want to know more about their opinions on these changes.

Teachers say they enjoy spending time in class with their students. Most teachers love to interact with their students whenever they get the chance. Having the students in class only every other day limits the teachers’ chances of seeing some of their students.

“I don’t see my students as often as I would like to.”

Said Carrie Scott, a study skills teacher at Davis High.

In the Davis school district, students go every other day to school. The first letter of students’ last name determines which day they go on. Teachers, however, have to go everyday. Teachers here at Davis are potentially risking their safety to give students the education they need. Teachers, like all the other students are required to wear masks the whole day. They are also concerned that some of the kids won’t get anything done, on their days off of school.

“Some kids just work better in a classroom setting.”

Said Travis Frey, an English teacher at Davis High.