Clubs: What’s Available?

Clubs: Whats Available?

Due to Covid-19, not all clubs are currently up and running. However, there are a few that are for sure up and running at the moment.

There is a club being used for those who wish to persure the medical field called HOSA located upstairs just before the 2500 hall.

There is another club called writers academy that is located downstairs and is open to all those who wish to persure writing in any way. A very fun way to meet people who share that same passion as well as plenty of people to help with the writing and editing process.

Service is a form of work that looks fantastic on any resume as well as college applications, there is a club fit for such an activity called the key club. A fantastic way to help people while benefitting yourself for the near future.

For those who are more into card games, There is a magic the Gathering club during lunch in Mr.Merrils classroom. It is located right about the set of stairs placed in the hallway.

The clubs listed above are not the only clubs available, there are many more and they can be found in the office or through posters aroun the school.

For those who would like to join a club that currently are not available, starting a club is an option. Forms are in the office and they include the name of the person who is starting the club and what their role for the club will be as well as a recomendation for the name of the club. For this to work out in your favor you will need a teacher or supervisor as well as a signature from that person. The forms for starting the club will not take long and than more people can enjoy extra experiences here at Davis High School.