Was the Travvy Patty Lit?


Kainoa Sorensen, Editor/Writer

The Travis Scott Meal is very controversial. Some say it’s horrible, some say it’s the best McDonald’s meal they have ever had.

Recently McDonald’s and Travis Scott collaborated and made 2020 better with the Travis Scott meal. The meal includes a Quarter-Pounder with cheese with lettuce and bacon, tangy BBQ sauce with a medium order of fries, and a medium Sprite with extra ice. All this for only $6! This Meal has caused quite an uproar on social media.

The Meal will only be available until Oct 4th. A lot of people are saying that it is overrated. Some say its the best meal from McDonald’s they have had. Since the meal has ended, people are talking about how it was very concerning for a rapper whos lyrics are very explicit to collaborate with a family fast food restaurant.

“The strips of bacon are surprisingly really good!” Said Travis Frey.

Everyone is also talking about the shirts that the crew got to wear. It was a red shirt with the Cactus Jack Logo, and above that is the McDonald’s Logo. All the employees are required to wear the shirt, and “It’s Lit!” according to Graham Capel.

“The burger was so alive, and I felt Travis Scotts childhood within my taste buds. The drink was divine, after a perfect amount of warm fries dipped in tangy barbeque sauce.” Said Ethan Miles.